Letter to Frank Butler

Letter to Frank Butler
Catalina Yachts, CC to Sail Annapolis

Dear Mr. Butler,

…..When things go bad you are the first to hear about it. We belive that when things go right then you should be the first to hear about that too. All too often the customer will only take the time to address negative issues. We are glad to inform you that our purchase and experience thus far with our new Catalina 36 has been very favorable.

The main reason that our purchase has gone so well is because John Middleton has been very good to work with. John has gone out of his way to make sure that we received the type of boat and equipment we needed for our sailing purposes. John helped us during the purchase and has continued to help with making decisions on special equipment and add-ons (even in cases where he might have lost a few dollars). He has made every effort to be available to meet with us and has made sure that the delivery and on-site installs have gone well. In short, John Middleton – Sail Annapolis has proven to be the person and place to buy a Catalina sailing vessel.

Ray and Carolyn N.