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Catalina New Boat Models

Catalina Understanding Needs and Dreams

Catalina listens to active owners and sailors to build boats that reflect the collective wisdom and experience of thousands of cruises and sea miles. Catalina’s design is evolutionary, building on the success of previous models by incorporating many favorite, proven features. If you are looking for a study boat that holds up in the real world with more sailing pleasure, less maintenance and excellent resale value Catalina is your choice. And if a boat is fast, comfortable, spacious and safe, what more could you want? Your sailing lifestyle can be anything from gunk-holing in your favorite part of the Chesapeake Bay to sailing to exciting ports worldwide. Take control of a beautiful vessel from a Catalina famous roomy cockpit, look out over the cabin to the far horizon. Put down your hook in an exotic anchorage, open up the large cockpit table and share a meal or a cocktail with family and friends in the comfort of the roomy cockpit whose tall coamings offer relaxing and secure seating after a long day of sailing.